Elevator Remote Monitoring System

Elevator Remote Monitoring System

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HP: 016-2779698
HP: 016-2779698

Elevator breakdowns are common nowadays. Downtime report has been traditionally and still is ... we speak now, done based on users' complaint or feedback. Elevator report from complaint to acknowledgement, from detection to solution of the matter, all in all may involve a long lead time, causing unneccesary anxiety and inconvenience.

While a guard-on-duty or even a in-house technician's feedback on lift breakdown may be inaccurate, the downtime issue can be worsened with time and labour cost have been incurred due to time spent on site inspection, testing and remedial work. How the users wish that there is no more waiting and sweating when the lift breakdown occurs again. In this new era and higher consumer expectations, it is very important to provide assurance to clients that the system is well maintained and monitored digitally 24 hours a day. Reputation of the management is also at stake without implementing or taking advantage of the latest remote monitoring technology.

A good elevator monitoring system must and should enhance performance and alleviate down time with the best reporting system.


♦optimize performance of lifts
♦minimize downtime of lifts
♦multi-racking of lifts at multiple sites
♦accurate detection and analysis of problems
♦fast or immediate service response
♦reduction of service interruptions

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